• Goldtech.com 

    Tech/software provider in the physical gold industry.


  • What we do

    Goldtech.com provide technological solutions to Financial Advisers, Wealth Managers, Brokers, Banks, so they can offer physical gold investment to their clients.

    From dedicated client backoffice management system, API integration, client support to white-label solution, we provide the best technology to thrive in the BtoC physical gold investment world.

    Our custom-made technology is based on more than 13 years experience in the physical gold industry.



    Goldtech.com provides technological solutions to the following clients and partners.



    Goldbroker.com is an investment plateform developed over the past 13 years. Launch in 2011 it enables private investors to acquire and store physical gold/silver bars and coins outside the banking system in Singapore, Zurich, New York and Toronto. From buying, selling, client management system, hedging, to inventory management, we developed this unique technology over the past 13 years.

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    Or.fr is a physical gold/silver dealer offering secured storage and home delivery to clients located in french speaking countries.

    Visit Or.fr.

    Financial Advisors/Wealth Manager

    We currently provide a client backoffice management system through Goldbroker.com to various Financial Advisors and Wealth Manager so they can supervise everything related to the physical gold investment of their clients. This system works like an affiliate partnership whereby part of the fees (buying, selling, storage) are shared (% depends on transaction volume) with our clients.

  • Why partner with us


    The physical gold/silver market is very specific. It's different than just trading paper product. Logistic, handling, hedging are involved and require a custome made technology to provide the best investment service to customers. With more than 13 years experience in the physical gold market and a custom made technolgy, we are the right partner for you.



    If you intend to provide gold investment service to your clients, you need to be able to garantee the liquidity of their investment, so buying back their investment at any moment. Apart from the technology we also provide the liquidity of any physical gold/silver investment when related to the storage service.




    Starting an activity in the physical gold market is not easy. it requires long term relationship with wholesaler, refineries, Mints, logistic companies, just to be able to funcion efficiently. That's what we developed over the past 13 years. By partnering with us you will have access to best price, technology and logistical set up.



    The online gold market is not like another e-commerce venture. You need to be trusted to be successful. Security at every step is what your clients want to experience. Goldtech.com will provide the confidence that your clients need to invest in physical gold and silver.



    Dealing in the gold market requires a capacity to source, manage and hedge your inventory. This requires an experimented team. Focus on your customers, our trading desk will take care of the rest.


    To discuss a partnership with us in order to offer a physical gold

    investment solutions to your clients please contact us :

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